SABM Recovery

The Ovation community hosts three conservation easement (CE) areas dedicated to the re-population of the Saint Andrews Beach Mouse (SABM), a Federally protected endangered species.  With the intensity of the hurricane from 2018, we were unsure if any of the population survived.  We started seeing traces of activity in early 2019 and contacted FWC and USFWS for permission to set up game-cameras in the CE.  The results are in the photos below.  Although from different periods, the photos show that the small mice are definitely re-populating the dunes...apparently, enough survived to start over.  

The SABM (officially named Peromyscus Polionotus Peninsularus), also plays a role in the wildlife food chain.  An example is the photograph with a fox showing up at 4am on the dune to try and snatch a snack.  Hopefully our small furry friend was able to avoid the predator.

Information about Ovation's Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with FWC and USFWS can be found on the "Ovation MOA Documents" page.  Information about the SABM can be found on the website: