New Turtle Nests in Ovation

Turtle nesting season started May 31st on the peninsula. 
June 12: The St. Joseph's Turtle Patrol has discovered three nests on the Ovation beach.  We are trying to adopt two of the nests as part of our community involvement program for the cape.  We will keep everyone updated and hopefully, have photos if we can catch the young turtles leaving the nest.
June 23: Our beach now has nine (9) nests.  Most are relocations from the southern part of the peninsula in preparation for the beach re-nourishment project later this year. One nest was available (060R) and has been adopted by our HOA in support of the St. Joseph’s Turtle Patrol.
July 3: The number of nests has increased to 12 and Ovation has just received it's certificate of adoption for the new nest.
August 10:  The number of nests have increased again...16 now in front of Ovation and many more on the peninsula.  There have been several hatchings already and we hope to have photos of at least one of the nests in Ovation as the small ones head for the ocean.
October 15:  Most of the nests have hatched and the few left were so close to the water, it is felt the eggs never matured to we move towards the end of turtle nesting season, we are glad to have assisted the St. Joseph's turtle patrol by providing a clean nesting area at the foot of Ovation's dune front for the many nests they needed to move from the sand restoration areas at the south end of the peninsula.
October 31:  The season for lights out on the beaches has ended and the gates are now open 24/7.  No nests remain in the Ovation area, so we are working to find support for planting vegetation to stabilize the newly acquired sand that has built up against the dune face.